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Fractional Leadership 

For CRE Organizations

5Q LeadRE provides unmatched technology leadership and business consulting services. Leveraging decades of industry experience and expertise, we help our clients make the plays that will take their business to the next level through technology and cyber security solutions that align with overall business goals.  

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IT Assessment

Using both strategic and tactical approaches, 5Q LeadRE ensures your IT functions are aligned to promote business growth, cost-savings, and operational excellence.  

Leadership On-Demand

Highly efficient and effective leaders can guide your business’ technology and cyber security programs to success.  We become a valuable member of your management team on a variable basis. 

Best Practices

Using 5Q’s 20 best practices for technology and cyber security efficiency, we can help you get the most out of your systems, processes, and technologies.  

5Q LeadRE Can...


Work with you and your team members to understand where your technology is and where it needs to go.


Work with 5Q's service teams to ensure your business has all of the technology and cyber security services it requires.


Create IT strategies and processes that will enable your business to grow.


Communicate in business terms so that you're always aware of how your technology is impacting the company.


Monitor service delivery and end user satisfaction so 5Q's other service teams can continue to improve.


Ensure 5Q is providing the most bang for your buck through partnership analysis and continuous improvement initiatives.

We provide just the right amount of leadership for your specific business needs.  

"I can sum up the impact of 5Q in one word, leadership."
-Brian Gershkowitz, The RADCO Companies


The Quarterbacks of the CRE industry.

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